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Service of Notice Procedure


The Washington Court of Appeals recently issued an opinion with great impact on the manner of serving notices to tenants. You are now required to serve a notice on each adult tenant named on your lease and/or subtenant in occupancy to acquire unlawful detainer (eviction) jurisdiction.

How to Serve Notices:

1.) Delivering copies of the Notice personally to each adult tenant named on the lease and each adult subtenant in occupancy. If any tenant or subtenant is absent, always hand a copy of the Notice for that individual to someone at the leasehold if possible.

You must attempt to deliver the Notice by Personal Service to each adult tenant and subtenant. If no individual can be found at the leasehold then go directly to posting and mailing of the Notice. However, I always want you to post and mail in addition to personal delivery.

2.) Posting a separate copy of the Notice for each individual adult tenant and/or subtenant on the front door of the leasehold premises. Your lease may also require sliding a copy of the Notice under the door.

3.) Mailing a separate copy of the Notice to the residence of each individual adult tenant, and/or subtenant. Mailing should be done by regular, first class mail. If your lease requires certified mail, then mail by certified mail in addition to mailing by first class. Mailing must be done from the county where the leasehold premises is situated. You must actually deposit the notice with the postal service, do not place the envelope in the mail box directly.

If all three of the above steps are taken then service of your Notice should be effective. PROPER SERVICE OF NOTICE IS CRITICAL TO THE VIABILITY OF ANY FUTURE ACTION.

A Proof of Service must be filled out for each tenant according to how each tenant was served. Always date and sign the Proof of Service. A copy of the Notice with an appropriately completed Proof of Service for each tenant and/or subtenant should be retained."

If you have any questions please contact me to discuss your case. My office, open weekdays from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm, is located near the Spokane courthouse.