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Landlord/Tenant Law

Spokane Area Lawyer Providing Landlords With Experienced Legal Service

Whether you are looking for assistance evicting a tenant or are looking for defense against housing discrimination charges, experience matters. You deserve a lawyer who is knowledgeable in landlord/tenant law and understands how to get quick, effective results.

I am attorney Eric Steven. For over 19 years my career has been dedicated entirely to landlord/tenant law. My clients have come to expect my exceptional quality of representation.

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View the following links for more Washington specific landlord/tenant law:

Washington State Landlord/Tenant Act

Washington State Unlawful Detainer Act

Evicting Problem Tenants

I can help you evict residential, commercial and mobile home tenants who have broken rental agreements by failing to pay rent or engaging in criminal activity. I have a great ability to process evictions quickly.

However, if cost is a concern, I can save you money on legal fees and expenses by using less aggressive approaches.

I will save you money by doing the job the right way and handling your case as efficiently as possible.

Experienced Defense Against Housing Discrimination Charges

Tenants sometimes accuse landlords of housing discrimination cases of housing discrimination, I will strongly defend you against those charges. I am familiar with issues relating to service animals, reasonable accomodations, and requests for modifications. I have handled over 100 of these cases and am one of few Washington lawyers who has taken a housing discrimination case through a jury trial.

Providing Dedicated Legal Advice

In handling so many evictions and housing discrimination cases, I have become very knowledgeable about landlord/tenant law and teach landlord/tenant law at Washington's largest legal education seminars.

I can provide you with valuable advise on how to handle leases and deal with problem tenants.

Contact my firm to schedule a free initial consultation. My office hours on weekdays from 8:30 until 5.